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Kiss Me I'm Irish

Fuck Me I'm American

Katy (the Irish one or #2)
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All my interests are bands... they rock like spock so give them a listen. When I don't have a book by Chuck Palahniuk to keep me company I'll list my other interests here.

Finished all the Chuck books I bought sooo...

Books- Catcher in the Rye, 1984, Anything by Chuck Palahniuk, Anything by Charles Dickens, Anything by William Shakespeare, Harry Potter Books, Rainbow Boys, The Virgin Suicides, Bridget Jones Diary, Tooth and Nail, HARDY BOYS(ha not really, I've read them!), Kama Sutra (it was my brothers... eww my brother has sex), Me Talk Pretty One Day, R.L. Stein Books (you know you like them), MARK TWAIN STORIES... Shall continue lata.

Movies- Eternal Sunshine, The Incredibles, Road Trip, Eurotrip, American Pie Movies, Office Space, Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon, Hannibal, Dragon Fighter (oh my god, when I buy that movie you all have to watch it), Skeleton Man (omg, same thing. These movies are suck ass sci-fi movies... my god), Donnie Darko, Jeepers Creepers, Final Destination, Movies with: Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrel, Chris Kattan, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp (not just because he's hot), Colin Farrel (same here), Big Fish (it made me cry a little), The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Not Another Teen Movie, Scary Movie 1&2, Mitch and Kyle are Dead, Super Troopers, This is Spinal Tap

I like people. I might like you, not really sure yet. I barely care about anyone, but if I do I'll give/make you shit. Yeah bitches!!!

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a perfect circle, ac dc, aerosmith, afi, alice cooper, alkaline trio, an uncommon disease, anthrax, anti-flag, asinine, bad religion, berlin, billy idol, black sabbath, bob dylan, bob marley, bobby darin, bobby rydell, brand new, bright eyes, cake, call the paramedics, cheap trick, chris bauer, crass, dashboard confessional, david bowie, deaf lepord, death cab for cutie, devotchkas, disney, dispatch, dropkick murphys, elton john, falling closer, fat boy slim, flogging molly, generation x, goldfinger, green day, guns n' roses, hemp, iron maiden, janes addiction, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, joan jett, judas priest, kiss, l.a.o., led zeppelin, leftover crack, lita ford, lost prophets, lynard skynard, marilyn manson, meligrove band, metallica, mineral, modest mouse, muse, neutral milk hotel, new york dolls, nirvana, oi polloi, ozzy osbourne, pearl jam, peter frampton, pink floyd, pinkslip, primus, queen, radiohead, rancid, reel big fish, richard hell, riddlin' kids, rilo kiley, rob zombie, ronnie james dio, rush, sam cooke, save ferris, smashing pumpkins, social distortion, spinal tap, stephen lynch, stone temple pilots, stray cats, subhumans, sublime, tears for fears, tenacious d, the aquabats, the beach boys, the beatles, the cars, the clash, the cure, the darkness, the dead kennedys, the dead milkmen, the defects, the doors, the kinks, the living end, the mighty might bosstones, the misfits, the offspring, the pixies, the planet smashers, the police, the postal service, the psychedellic furs, the ramones, the rolling stones, the sex pistols, the slits, the smiths, the strokes, the toasters, the ventures, the vibrators, the who, thin lizzy, thrice, tool, toy dolls, tsunami bomb, van halen, velvet revolver, weezer, windsor, yeah yeah yeahs, yes